Fashion is constantly changing and keeping up with the latest trends can be expensive, so I am going to show you how to get the latest looks for less. A major trend for this winter are boyfriend jeans. However, this ultra trendy/casual look can set you back over $100. Here’s how to do it for less than a tenth of that.

You will need….

1. Scissors

2. Stanley knife

3. Chopping board

4. Cheese grater

5. Pencil


Step One: Go down to your local op shop, you are guaranteed a pair of jeans, no matter size or style. The price of the jeans will range from anywhere between three to ten dollars. Purchase the ones you like the most. Try them on so you can see how they look and where they may need altering.


Step Two: Cut the hem (if needed) with scissors to just above your ankle. Mark with a pencil where you would want to make your three (more or less depending on desired style) cuts.

Step Three: Place the chopping board in your jeans where you want to make the rips, so that you wont cut through the other side.

Step Four: With a stanley knife, cut where you have made the markings on the jeans. Try not to make incisions so close together otherwise the denim will completely break and lose effects.

Step Four: So you have made all your incisions. Now, with the cheese grater, vigorously ‘grate’ over the cuts to acquire the distressed denim effect. Your rips should look more natural and worn rather than done on purpose.

Step Five: You’re done. Wear your new DIY boyfriend jeans.


Creating your own style by op shopping and altering clothes can be so much more fun and creative than ordinary shopping, not to mention a lot cheaper. Keep up to date with my blog for helpful hints on how to do just that.

Next week: T-shirt prints.


Keep Up to Date!

So you’ve probably heard that Op Shopping takes patience and persistence? Well, now you can take the frustration out of bargain hunting as I have created a list of people and stores that will help you keep up to date with the latest sales, fashion and brand new shops that are opening up.

To become a savvy shopper you have to be prepared, so check out these amazing twitters to keep in the know and take the irritation out of thrift shopping. 

Stay Fabulous!

Melb Op Shop Tours– Run Op Shop Tours in Melbourne as it says in the name! They keep you up to date with the freshest shops and will take the guess work out of which shop is hot and which shop is not. Tweets are by @jenjiang and @jess_ika_rae who also regularly tweet about fashion and bargain hunting.

Savers Australia– Savers is a chain Thrift Store located in Australia (8 stores in Victoria and South Australia) There are also 250 locations throughout the US and Canada. Keep informed with their sales and styles.

Op Shopping– Everything you need to know about Op shopping, whether it be tips or just general discussion about the topic. Engage in the movement of Op Shopping as they help to bring second hand shopping to the internet!– Is an online resource for avid Op Shoppers. This is the go to site for shoppers of Australia as you are regularly updated with what’s new in Thrift Shopping. Treat it as a go to guide!

Gok Clothes Road Show– Gok Wan is an English fashion consultant, author and television presenter. He stars in ‘How to look good naked’ a show all about body confidence and also ‘Gok Clothes Road Show’ which is focused on “getting the look for less”. This twitter is dedicated to looking like a celebrity at an affordable price as it highlights Op Shopping and bargain hunting.

Wicked Thrift Shop– Although situated in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Wicked Thrift Shop is a relatively famous Op shop that posts tips and fashion ideas that us Aussie’s can use here. It is more of a funky and out there style suitable for anyone who is a little bit daring with their fashion sense.

Op Shop Diva– an advocate promoting the best Op Shops around South Australia. She also offers fashion advice and advertises the many bargains she and her followers have picked up. Tweets by @kamtiger.

The Salvation Army– Most of us have heard of the ‘Salvos’ as they help over one million Australians each year. Although, they don’t predominantly tweet about op shopping, they do keep us up to date with their Charity Shops all around Australia. The Salvation Army is a great place to shop as proceeds go to charity.

The Smith Family– A lot like the Salvation Army in that they are a charity shop and also do not predominantly tweet about Op Shopping, however, they do keep you informed about what they are doing with their charity, giving you the warm and fuzzies every time you shop there.

Buy and Sell Eco– “A place to sell your eco friendly goods and second hand gear”. A great online op shop where you can not only purchase trendy bargains but sell your clothes for some cash.


The Know

Hey Guys!

My name is Eden Lee, I am currently studying Journalism at La Trobe University and I graduated from Year 12 last year (2013) At Doncaster Secondary College. I love all things fashion, whether it be the faux pas that make you cringe or the highlights that make your heart melt, either way fashion plays a massive role in my life.

I can’t pinpoint the time where fashion became interesting to me, but I can give you a little insight on how the love affair started. Remember when you were a kid and you used to play dress ups and your muse was your mothers closet? Well that was definitely my favourite past time as child. I would viscously rummage through my mothers things putting together the craziest and most obscure outfits ever seen. However, this activity was more than just mindless amusement for me, I loved the fact that one could completely transform themselves with a piece or clothing, your outfit could describe your mood and give the world an insight into who you really are.

My addiction to op shopping blossomed a little later in my life, when I was about 15 or 16 years old. I was dying for a pair of designer high waited jeans but they were waaaaay to expensive in the shops, so instead my mother gave me the idea of looking in a local op shop, and wouldn’t you have guessed it! There they were, hidden amongst a pair of plaid pants and some old work trousers. I had found them and for $15. I may as well have died and gone to heaven. Ever since then, I have turned to Op shops, not just for the ordinary but for vintage and the latest trends. I can honestly say that a large portion of my wardrobe is made up of purchases from op shops!

Image This blog is all about the best Op shopping tips as we all know- it requires a lot of patience and persistence! Visit this blog to get fashion ideas and keep up to date with all the latest trends without spending moonbeams!

Lots of love,

Eden xxx